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Founder/ C.E.O. Luciano Global Development Initiative



Luciano Global Development Initiative (LGDI) is a Non-Governmental Organization situated at 110 Ekoro Road, Abule Egba, Lagos. Our organization is registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).

We have been involved in the transformation of the Youths ,  Children and Women since 2003 where the inspirations started vide counselling and other forms of assistance as may be necessary to put smiles on people’s faces. LGDI started fully in 2014 and got registered in 2016.

We have been involved in the provision of various health services to orphans and vulnerable children, we provided beverages and food support for malnourished babies, educated youths, we initiated and partnered in social development activities. We also meet with Orphans and the Vulnerable Children (OVC) quarterly to give psycho-social support and to share with them books, pen and pencils, erasers, dictionaries, rulers, foods and other basic school materials aside meeting regularly.


Our commitment in assisting the less privilege and vulnerable children in our locality has graciously earned us some recognitions from  Local Government and at the Ministry, Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social  Development months ago.


LGDI plays key role especially in the sensitization of women in the society. We are committed to proper orientation of average Nigerian women in the area of child management, cleanliness, home management, anger management, family cares, supports and importantly, empowerment for financial stability. We also encourage women to engage themselves in vocational activities that can enhance their take home and reduce their expenses at home.

Our Vision

.“A world of positive Social Change for all” 


“To empower, inspire, and deliver value to the socially-excluded through advocacy, capacity building, collaboration, networking, psycho-social support and sensitization for a healthier society. ‘’

LGDI is into humanitarian services

Our Objectives are;

– to assist the less privileged in our societies in terms of welfare and standard education,

– to reduce maternal and infant mortality rate by providing basic health education and access to health facilities to the disadvantaged segments of developing communities,

– to initiate, develop and support sustainable solutions for the eradication of poverty, hunger, epidemic prone disease and illiteracy in our community,

– to promote and encourage the education of the female child in rural and urban vicinities alike through projects geared at highlighting its direct socioeconomic benefits  to  communities,

– to source for and give scholarships to students to assist them further their education,

– to provide value reorientation for youths and  adults

– to promote and support the agenda of all organizations that have similar Objectives, Missions and Vision as LUCIANO GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE.


Some of Our Achievements


It was a glamorous event on 21st August 2019 at Ayobo Community in the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State as Luciano Global Development Initiative collaborate with  the United Nations Information Centre – (UNIC), Nigeria observed the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY.

  1. We enrolled 12 youths on scholarship this year around September, 7 of them passed and were picked.
  2. Presently 3 of our children are in school that LGDI cater for
  3. Health they say is wealth. Good vision is quite essential for the well-being of every living being. For this reason, our organization – Luciano Global Development Initiative, sponsored surgical operations specifically on EYE-CATARAT for seven (7) less privileged randomly selected from Alimosho and Shomolu Local Government Areas.
  4. Luciano Global Development Initiative (LGDI) donated some school uniform to the less privilege children at Brighter Stars Nursery and Primary School Apapa.
  5. Luciano Global Development Initiative (LGDI) sponsored some Children for JAMB Form
  6. Rev. Sr. Blessing Ann from Tanzania University College, Kenya arrived our organization on the 29th May 2017 for an attachment ( 3 Months)  based on recommendation from Nigeria. And it was successful. For more details visit our page. LUCIANO GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE


Welcome back

LGDI will be give you series of talks on children, youth and women. Today we will be discussing Child Development at the age of 3 Months .

Who is a Child?

Different school of thought with different definition. Some school of thought define a child as one who is below the age of puberty. Another says a child is one who is below the legal age of majority.

At this stage, are they active? Do they communicate? How do they communicate? Is there communication between a child and   Mother? How do they communicate? Should their be communication between Mother and Child. How do they respond to issues?


Every individual passes through development stage in life. At this stage Children between this stage passes through physical development. The physical development in 3 Month old baby are a. Lifting up of their heads

b kicking of legs

  1. Waves of hands
  2. Movement watches of object and sound – open their eyes more wider to chech on the object or person
  3. Play with hands
  4. Play with

Children at this stage, do they socialise?     Their social and emotional development is very important to us and needed to be looked into closely in other to avoid issues in future.

Still on your online radio station. Peakradio, A right caring  path to the top!!! What are the emotional development in a 3 Month child. Children under this age developed emotionally and socially.

* Through smiles

* Engages and vocalized with cares. Children develop intellectually , usually they follow movements of  large and smaller objects.


Talking about child development. If you are just joining us this is your online station peak radio . A right career path to the top!!! Mt name is Adekemi Lucy Adetuwo – Olaniyi. A.K.A. Luciano Global (Oriki) the founder/ C.E.O LUCIANO GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE .

Our focus today is on Child Development

* We say A Child is one who is bellow the age of puberty

* we talked on physical development of a child – kicking of legs, – lifting of heads, waving of hands, play with hands

Next time we shall continue until I come back next time my name still remain ADEKEMI LUCY ADETUWO –  OLANIYI ( ORIKI)




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